Discovery Group Questionnaire

What are Discovery Groups?

Discovery Groups are designed to help people grow as they explore various aspects of life with God, each other and our world.   


Each Discovery Group has a different focus and looks a little different. Some are more focused on a bible study or topical study. Some are more designed for men and others more designed for women. Some are based on doing life together or serving together as families.


Who can lead a Discovery Group?

Someone who:

  • Is committed to following Jesus

  • Agrees with the mission, vision, values and beliefs of Fusion Church and is known by leaders to represent us well and be accountable

  • Has a clear vision and plan for the Discovery Group*

  • Is willing to attend any training or meetings for Discovery Group Leaders


Discovery Group Timing, Duration and Locations

Discovery Groups will run seasonally between September-December and January- April. They will generally last  6-12 weeks in duration, meeting weekly or every other week. The location of the Discovery Group should fit the focus and size of the group, but generally be a safe and clean environment.  


*Leaders, topics, plans and curriculum must be reviewed and approved by the Lead Pastor or Elders of Fusion Church.